Fort Ross Ventures funds $200M to help in the expansion of US startups to Russia

We all know that the relationship between the United States and Russia is not that good at the present moment. However, one venture capital firm wants to assist the US companies to expand to Russia. Fort Ross Ventures is the venture capital firm of Russia. Recently, it announced that it had closed a $200 million fund for the startups present in the US. fort ross ventures 65mwiggersventurebeat.

These startups are developing projects associated with fintech, AI, ecommerce, and cybersecurity. Fort Ross Ventures wants to offer money along with advisory services. These advisory services are aimed to assist the startups understand the politics, culture and financial regulations. By understanding these aspects, the US companies can work properly in Russia. 30m fort ross ventures.

One of the key highlight of the Fort Ross Ventures is its vast network. It has good relations with most startups present in the Silicon Valley. Moreover, it also has good collaborations with Russian organizations. The partner of Fort Ross Ventures opined that his organization helps startups to navigate and thrive in this competitive domain. california fort russia.

The name Fort Ross indicates a town in the Northern California that had Russian population in large numbers. In the past, Fort Ross Ventures has invested in various startups. And to help with the funding, Fort Ross Ventures announced that they have hired Anurag Chandra.

He is a venture capitalist and has good experience of funding. Mr. Chandra opined that he is excited to join Fort Ross Ventures. He further added that the potential for US startups in Russia is incredible. Fort Ross Ventures is trying to ensure that the US companies can properly unlock the potential of the Russian market.