AXA ddos asiabased frenchsharmableepingcomputer

The branches of insurance giant AXA in South-East Asia has been hit by a ransomware attack. In case you don’t know, the ransomware attack was claimed by Avaddon ransomware group. The group declared that they had stolen 3 TB of sensitive data from the Asian operations of AXA. The authorities also observed the ongoing DDoS against the global websites of AXA. axa ddos asiabased frenchsharmableepingcomputer.

That’s why the websites of AXA were inaccessible. The compromised data obtained by the ransomware group includes the medical reports of the AXA’s customers, ID cards, statement of bank accounts, claim forms, contracts, payment records, etc. insurer axa ddos frenchsharmableepingcomputer.

Avaddon comes after a week when AXA stated that they would reimburse for what happened during the ransomware attack. They will be underwriting cyber insurance policies in France. The group first announced in 2021 that they will execute large-scale DDoS attacks against AXA to take down its network. insurer axa ddos asiabased.

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Due to this attack, AXA stated that its cyber-insurance policies in France would no longer be applicable. The ransomware group also threatened AXA that the insurance company has about ten days to communicate and cooperate with them. After ten days, Avaddon will expose the valuable documents of AXA. When contacted, AXA said that their Asian branches were the victim of a ransomware attack. insurer axa asiabased frenchsharmableepingcomputer.

The attack impacted their IT operations in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. AXA also stated that they have formed a dedicated taskforce with external forensic experts to investigate the incident. On a further note, AXA added that the company takes data privacy very seriously. The necessary steps will be deployed if the data of individuals was leaked. There is no denying that ransomware attacks are witnessing a surge in large-scale companies.