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In case you don’t know, the Pantera Capital is a crypto hedge fund. It has led a $45M investment that valued Sender. Sender is a web3 wallet developed for the NEAR ecosystem. Some of the other investors in the round are Jump Crypto, Amber Group, D1 Ventures, etc. Sender is a noncustodial wallet that lets users to swap tokens instantly. series pantera capitalmcsweeney theblock.

They can stake tokens to earn rewards potentially. They can even hold the NFTs. Based on the announcement, Sender can also connect to hardware wallets like Ledger and Keystone. It is also the best platform to integrate crypto on-ramp services like Moonpay. Sender claims that more than half a million users have downloaded it across mobile and desktop. 15m series pantera capitalmcsweeney theblock.

To be precise, Sender is witnessing a rapid growth in its overall popularity. It comes with a complete suite of browser plugins along with iOS and Android apps. The general partner at Pantera Capital is hopeful about the growth of Sender in the near future. With the help of this funding, Sender aims to finance a wallet for corporate and institutional users. labs pantera capitalmcsweeney theblock.

It also aims to establish a transaction aggregator for the NFTs. And to optimize the ease of swapping tokens, the company is establishing decentralized exchanges. The present market dynamics have proven to be a potent catalyst for development. Sender comes integrated with many relevant features and will transition the web2 users to the web3 world. Experts are expecting Sender to exceed a large number of downloads.